Top Ten Tuesday; Books That Surprised Me


Top Ten Tuesday which The Broke and the Bookish started in 2010 (I remember blogging with them back in my super book blogging days) and has been passed down to That Artsy Reader Girl.

This weeks topic is;

Books That Surprised Me


There’s one thing I love the most about reading; it’s when you completely and utterly fall in fuckin love with a book. Everything about it! It wraps your mind and soul in this cocoon of feelings.

Then again I’m the kind of person who just loves falling in love with almost anything — a book, a song, a tv show (I’m too impatient usually to sit through a whole movie but those too when I do sit through one), a moment, a place, a memory, a type of food, a product, a routine. Yeah, I’m one of those people.


I’m going to start with the most recent first (damn now I’m thinking of all the places and moments I love, maybe I’ll write a blog post about that some day… either here or on me and Bubba’s adventure blog HERE).


A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

I ended up picking up A Court of Thorn and Roses because a bookstagrammer had this beautiful Night Court candle from A Court of Candles and I wanted to know the significance so I picked it up. Of course we don’t hear about Rhysand much or The Night Court in the first book. But I wasn’t really impressed with the first book so I hesitated to pick up the second.

BUT THIS BOOK just pulled the floor from under me! I wasn’t expecting all that world building. I wasn’t expecting to LOVE The Night Court as much as I did. I didn’t expect to experience those Twilight intense love feelings again the way I did with this book. I loved EVERYTHING about this book. And it’s been SUCH a long time since that’s ever happened!



Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Wicked Lovely was the book that really got me into YA and into paranormal. I fell in love with faeries and with the different courts ten years ago because of this book! And it’s so crazy to see how this all started.

I wish I could remember why I even picked up this book but it’s been so long now that I don’t remember. It might had been something as simple as it had “Wicked” in the title. But I wasn’t expecting that turn of events from picking up this one book.



Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Like a lot of other people Twilight holds a special place in their heart. I was always a book worm growing up and I’ve always stuck to contemporary reads. I don’t know why I was never interested in anything other than contemporary. But I remember seeing this book every single time I was at Target and if you see something enough you’re gonna be compelled to pick it up, so I did. I didn’t understand the blurb since the back of the book didn’t tell you much (this was before I realized that sometimes the actual blurb is on the inside flap of the cover jacket).

I can’t even explain the obsession and the way I felt while being sucked into this world. It inspired so many blog posts, so many web page layouts, so many graphics I had made. It pulled the artist in me I thought died in a long time ago. I absolutely loved this period of time when I was obsessed with Twilight.

I was DEFINITELY not expecting to like it as much as I did.



Some Quiet Place by Kelsey Sutton

I got this for review years ago and I added it to my October Challenge not really knowing much about it except it had a creepy cover.

I’ve always been drawn to darker themes. It makes my damaged soul and awful childhood feel more understandable? I don’t know how to explain it. Makes me feel less alone I guess.

What surprised me the most was how the author personified every emotion. Like they had their own personality. And I thought that was really unique. I love that we spent so much time with Fear. An emotion that obviously doesn’t get a very warm welcome when it comes around.

This book made me think of my own emotions, the ones that stick around and the ones that linger. And what would they look like? What would they say if they could talk? What could trigger them?



Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

I bounce between loving and fearing themes of graves and anything gothic related. I’m a wuss, what can I say?

But Unspoken with its snarky and sarcastic characters. With Kami who speaks her mind word for word and is unapologetic herself. Ash who just… rolls with things. With Jared who knows everyone thinks he’s an asshole so he plays the part of an asshole. The outline of darkness in this book wasn’t as bad or as scary because of the sarcasm. Though nothing could had prepared me for the heartbreak of the ending of this one.

Sometimes I feel like I’m still recovering even though I read this back in 2012.



Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

I remember when this book came ouuuuuuuuuuuuut.

There was a crap ton of controversy about it and I mean, for good reason. I wasn’t expecting to like the characters as much as I did and I wasn’t expecting to feel really sad for how everything had happened. I don’t remember the details of how I felt or much about this book besides the middle and ending, mostly the ending. But I know that when I finished it I felt really heavy and really sad.

It’s so strange when a book just jabs you in the feels when you’re not even expecting it or you don’t think that it would for a particular theme.




Eve by Anna Carey

I literally didn’t even finish this book. It got TOO IRRITATING. I just couldn’t do it. I thought the “truth” of what happens after graduation was just too horrible and I couldn’t understand how people could be kept in the dark about it for so long.

Yet the main character was able to just escape?! I don’t know, something about the whole thing just seemed… weird. And a little bit unrealistic. I remember being so frustrated with the whole concept that I just wanted to throw the book out the window lol!



Secret Ties by Opal Carew

I remember this being the first book I really really did not like. Like the first book that made me feel like I had just wasted my time. It was awful. Here’s my old review about it.

Summer owns her own chocolate shop and makes chocolates in a small town. She’s a bit insecure and she’s really shy. She has two best guy friends (who are also best friends with each other) that she has massive crushes on but is too shy to make the first move.
She ends up going with her friend to a sex convention where her friend is selling and signing her new released erotica novel and suggested that Summer make some chocolates that would match the theme of the convention. There she meets Max. And that’s when her life changes. Max introduces her to the world of BDSM and how to open herself up more (literally and figuratively) and go after what she wants.

I don’t remember too much about this book now since that review was posted in 2010 but I remember Summer made like chocolate penis pops or some shit and for someone who was shy I thought that was a bit unrealistic. Not to mention okay, you’re pinning for your TWO BEST GUY FRIENDS yet you meet this TOTALLY RANDOM GUY at this convention and suddenly you’re doing BDSM with him? Like uh… that stuff takes TIME and TRUST. Like, what?



50 Shades of Grey by EL James

I’ve always been a fan of erotica. As a kid I use to write erotica (this was before when we had 56k and porn wasn’t easy to access, hey I’m just being honest). But this. Was. Weird. Like I heard it was based off of a Twilight Fanfic and it reads like one, just with like, adults.

There are so many things wrong with this book; starting with Grey and things just didn’t add up/make sense. And Ana was just dense.

Not to mention A WHOLE CHAPTER WAS DEDICATED TO THEIR AGREEMENT LETTER. Like, was it REALLY necessary to spend a WHOLE chapter with the word for word agreement?

The second book was even worse. Seriously. Who plans to fault someone’s fiance’s plane?!? LIKE YOU WANT SOMEONE THAT BAD WHO CLEARLY DOESNT WANT YOU THAT YOU TRY TO KILL THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER?!!!

It was just freakin weird.


I feel like I’m missing a few titles but these are the ones I remember the most over the years!

What are some titles that surprised you both in good and/or bad ways? Or ones you just can’t seem to forget about?

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Book Quotes


Top Ten Tuesday which The Broke and the Bookish started in 2010 (I remember blogging with them back in my super book blogging days) and has been passed down to That Artsy Reader Girl.

This weeks topic is;

Favorite Book Quotes


Oh gosh.

Pretty much after every review back in the day I’d attach a favorite quote from most of the books I read. Going through all of these is going to suck lmao. But I’ll start with the graphics I made for some cause that’ll just be easier.

These are from A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers

a little too far _ quote

a little too far _ quote2

I use to put so much effort into my book reviews lol. I miss having Photoshop 7 around; Photoshop CC and I didn’t get along as well (and we still dont).

The Vines by Christopher Rice

“I would like a…  I would…”
Like a what? he wants to ask her. A Bible? A gun? A Valium?

Ghost House by Alexandra Adornetto

“Sorry if my attire isn’t appropriate.” “On the contrary,” he said.
“Your attire is perfect… and practical.” “Thank you. As you can see, it took weeks of planning.”
“And yet looks so effortless.”

“How do you know that for sure?” I asked, out of genuine curiosity and partly because I wanted to avoid having to respond.
“What do you think love really feels like?”
“I don’t think love is just a feeling,” Joe said. “I think it’s a commitment. Lust is a feeling, that that’s what hits you first. But you have to wait until it passes. Once it’s gone, what are you left with? That’s the real stuff, underneath.” He looked to the ceiling. “When I get married one day, I want to be so committed to my wife that no matter what happens I’ll never leave her. We might fight, she might cheat, we might sleep in separate rooms for a whole year. I but I won’t walk away. So when I tell a girl I love her, I’m going to really mean it.”

Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill

“You laugh in your sleep.”
My head snaps up from my lunch. So he does know.
“I what?”
“Yeah, don’t get excited,” he says, smiling to himself.
“It’s not cute. It’s kind of creepy. More like a cackle. You are whacked, Book Licker.”

Naturally, Charlie by S.L. Scott

“What kind of guy do you take me for? You think I’d nap with one woman then have dinner with another? What a low opinion you must have of me.”

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

“Oh, thank God,” Jared said. “I couldn’t work how to hit you and hold on to you at the same time.”
“Hit me?” Kami croaked. “I’ve had enough of this abusive behavior. And we’ve only just met! You’re making a terrible first impression.”
“Where are your clothes?”
“He was doing some — Zen jogging,” she claimed.
Jared flicked her an incredulous glance. “Yes,” he said slowly. “Zen jogging. I wasn’t that many clothes because — that’s part of the process. You’re meant to commune with the elements. Normally, I wouldn’t have worn my jeans, but I put them on because I know the English are modest people.”
“If I beat my head against this desk, maybe this will make sense,” Angela murmured.
“He punched me in the face,” said Ash, who understandably did not seem to find the situation humorous at all. “And then he yelled at me for sleeping with our personal trainer!”
“I was told break up scenes were a good way to distract people,” Jared said with beautiful simplicity.
“Ash looked so surprised,” Holly said. “He had no idea what was going on. He said, ‘I didn’t sleep with our personal trainer! We don’t even have a personal trainer!'”
Holly was laughing. “Jared told her he used to be an exotic dancer in San Francisco.”
“My body is a gift from God,” Jared said gravely. “Except for my hips, which are clearly a gift from the devil.”
I’ll just stop here lol.
I have a ton of quotes highlighted from A Court of Mist and Fury but I haven’t written that review yet so…. *shrug*.
What are some of your favorite book quotes? I’d love to know in the comments! No, seriously. Sometimes a book quote is all it takes for me to read a book lol!

WWW| Feb 28th 2018

There use to another weekly post like this called It’s Monday, what are you reading? which I had thought to bring back to my blog, but I guess I’ll do this one for this week!

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Sam @ Taking On a World of Words!

What Are You Currently Reading?


Sorry, I’m being boring and reading one book at a time and I’m taking my time with this one. My sweet sweet ass time at that!

I’m enjoying this so much and I’m drinking up as much of Rhysand as I can cause GUYS, I GET IT NOW.

Okay like, not to make this into a book talk or a mini book review but can I just gush about him in the 60% of the book I’ve made it through so far?

It really bothered me that Tamlin didn’t help Feyre while she was puking her life out in the beginning of the book — like HE WAS THERE WITH HER and he SAW what happened yet he says he loves her but doesn’t even stir when she’s up at night throwing up? And okay Rhysand does make QUITE an appearance at times (but can you blame a dark lord, really?) but at least he is decent enough to hold her hair back and try to walk her through calming her mind down. Even if she can be a jerk to him and say hurtful things, the way he just rolls it off his back and just KNOWS her. The fact he PAYS ATTENTION to her. In a way I feel like Tamlin never did. I’m just saying, I don’t know where this book will lead, I don’t want to run across Tamlin EVER AGAIN but I have a feeling that’s bound to happen. I just wanna slap Feyre sometimes and tell her NO, TAMLIN DOESNT LOVE YOU. How he acted before she decided to stay in The Night Court wasn’t love!

Though I do miss seeing Lucien.

What Did You Recently Finish Reading?


My friend over at Stories and Sweeties had mentioned that one of the books in this series covers Oz and I know she knows how much I use to talk about Wizard of Oz and Wicked back when we book blogged together in 2010. I mean LOOK AT MY OLD BLOG LAYOUT. I’m OBSESSED with The Wizard of Oz, it holds a lot of meaning to me. So I started with this before I was going to go into the series — I have an ehhh relationship with steampunk. I LOVE steampunk don’t get me wrong but when it comes to steampunk books I get easily lost and confused for some reason.

This is a steampunk retelling of Peter Pan and it was a very short and rushed read that didn’t really leave me wanting to know more about what was going on tbh. That’s also another thing I Have an ehh relationship with; I love Peter Pan and I love retellings but Pan retellings sometimes… I don’t know, bore me.

What Do You Think You’ll Read Next?

This is such a loaded question lmao!

Ugh I just read the blurb for A Court of Wings and Ruin and saw Feyre does go back to the Spring Court, FML. I don’t wanna see this go down. Or have to hear about Tamlin again.

I’m going with The Hazel Wood because there was a huge ad for it that covered my entire screen when I went to get the book cover for ACOWAR lol.



I’m also putting down one of these Sophie Kinsella books because it’s been awhile and I need some fluffy British Chick Lit even though neither of these sound like I’ve Got Your Number sort of fluffy read to them.

But who knows, I’m a mood reader so I might not read any of these — though I’m hoping I at least get to the last book of this series so I can quit quitting in the middle of a book series! I about made myself go cross eyed trying to finish The Lunar Chronicles before last year ended which wasn’t hard but Winter WAS hard to get through during some points!

What’s next on your TBR?

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Could Re-Read Forever


Top Ten Tuesday which The Broke and the Bookish started in 2010 (I remember blogging with them back in my super book blogging days) and has been passed down to That Artsy Reader Girl.

This weeks topic is;

Books I Could Re-Read Forever

I admit, I don’t re-read books as much as I use to! But every October when I do my Halloween Reading Challenge there are some books I do try and re-read every year. Same in December, there’s one book I like to re-read!



The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
This is a book I HAVE re-read multiple times in the past. I’ve been a fan of Nicholas Sparks since the A Walk to Remember movie came out in 2002, since then I made it a point to read ALL his books. Granted now, years later I’m a bit behind but still.

I don’t know what it even IS about this book but I just love it so much (despite that my ex husband as sort of ruined the movie for me, but whatever, I wasn’t that much of a fan of the movie anyway). I guess because I relate to Aly in certain ways and I loved the way Noah loved Aly without wanting anything in return (you know, besides an answer lmao). There are SO many quotes I love from this book and there were so many Xanga reflection blog posts that were inspired by this book — I guess that’s a big part of why I love it so much, it inspired me to write.


I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella
I remember watching Confessions Of a Shopaholic which was TOTALLY ME back then. I had amazing credit and credit cards with 5-10k limits… then I got married and my credit went to shit cause someone was incredibly irresponsible and didn’t believe in paying off debt despite it impacting my credit and not his, thanks.

I had never READ Confessions Of a Shopaholic but when I stumbled on I’ve Got Your Number I thought it would be a really fun read. AND IT WAS. I instantly fell in love and grew obsessed with quirky British Chick-Lit but sadly for me, I couldn’t find more! So if any of you have any British Chick-Lit suggestions please leave them in the comments!

This is just an overall feel fuzzy good book in my opinion and if it turned into a movie it would easily be my constant background noise (move over 13 Going On 30)!


Timeless Love by Judy O’Brien
I remember reading this as a kid! It’s one of those I don’t know who or how this book got in this house but I’m gonna read it anyway sort of things. This was probably my first Historical Fiction book I had read and it was kinda my last lmao. I love the IDEA of Historical Fiction, I just get impatient while reading it. Does that make sense? I remember re-reading this a bunch as a kid, it was so interesting! I should cop another copy somehow!



Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
It’s been my DREAM to visit Paris, France. All those cute bakeries and all the history behind the city. Stephanie Perkins paints such a vivid picture of all the places Anna visits while she’s in Paris. I loved joining Anna in her adventures around the city; St. Clair helps too. This book actually got me to stay up the whole drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas and I’m a chronic road trip sleeper lmao.


Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
Okay, stop EVERYTHING. My October re-reads are some of my hands down favs! I re-read Hex Hall every October because why not? This book is full of speculation, sass and sarcasm. I love this book so much and it’s so hard to explain why without completely fan-girl-ing the hell out. I just love Sophie and Archer so much!

My cat’s name is Sophie (it was that when I adopted her, it’s like meant to be) and when my ex boyfriend’s mom’s stray had kittens I picked out a boy and named him Archer but I had to give him back. Book nerd dreams shattered. But it’s fine, Sophie kinda hated him lol.


Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan
Every time someone asks for a book rec this is the one I throw at them lmao. Words can’t. Literally can’t. Explain my intense love for this book. Kami is sarcastic as shit and Jared is such an ass. Especially to his cousin Ash. And poor Ash! He’s the decent one of Lynburns and he gets burned by everyone. Poor guy. I mean I get it, he’s no Jared but come on. The guy means well whereas Jared can’t get his shit together!

I have lots of feelings and thoughts about these characters. Which is why I re-read this every October. Also, I never read the last book all these years later because I can not stand the thought of this series being OVER (even though it technically already is). I know that doesn’t make sense but just trust me on this lol.


Some Quiet Place by Kelsey Sutton
I actually got this book for review a few years ago and immediately fell in love with it. I’m somewhat drawn to books with really dark themes; family drama, abuse, things like that. Even as an adult these types of books make me feel less alone. Some Quiet Place is no exception. My favorite character ironically in this book is Fear. He’s sarcastic and totally unhelpful in every way he can be. The thing that’s interesting about this book is that Elizabeth can SEE emotions but she can’t FEEL them. As in, she sees them as PEOPLE and how they hover around when something happens. I thought this idea was so freakin cool. Like I’m obsessed (and still obsessed) with this idea that emotions can take the form of people. It bothers Fear that Elizabeth is never afraid, despite the things that happen and seeing his frustration adds to why this book is just that damn enjoyable!

I can’t really say exactly why I tend to pick up this book and re-read it from time to time but sometimes I guess it’s just comforting, if that makes sense. I wish there were more books in this series, at least, I’m holding out on hope for more!


Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu
I’m a sucker for Fairytale retellings and I’m even more of a sucker for Fairytale mashups! This book has both. I feel like Middle Grade reads are so underrated sometimes, they have such intense topics and themes that usually leave me thinking damn that was deep when I’m done and emotionally drained but in such a good and refreshing way. There are some creepy-quirky elements in this read (if that makes sense) that keep you turning the pages! I tend to re-read this around the Winter time though I admit I haven’t picked it back up in awhile.


Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn & David Lavithan
Not really sure what compelled me to read this book in the first place but I’m glad I did. It’s a really laid back and quirky read about two kids spending the holidays alone in NYC. New York is another place I’ve always wanted to go (though I hear it’s dirty there) and I had so much fun joining Dash and Lily on their adventure and seeing how their challenges to each other helped them overcome certain things they were afraid of in the process. This is a book I tend to re-read every December.

So there are my books I’ve actually re-read and would re-read again and again.

What are some books you re-read?

WWW | Feb 21st 2018

There use to another weekly post like this called It’s Monday, what are you reading? which I had thought to bring back to my blog, but I guess I’ll do this one for this week!

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Sam @ Taking On a World of Words!

What Are You Currently Reading?

was reading Nevermoor but my library loan ran out. I do have the audiobook but sometimes I feel super ADD when it comes to audiobooks, like I just can’t understand/grasp/my mind is too distracted to pay attention. I do want to finish this title, but it wasn’t as epic as I thought it would be.

I feel like Red Queen and Heartless are going to be on this list for awhile. I started both but library loans got in the way (I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO STRUGGLES WITH THIS). I’m trying to show more love to the books I already own.

Keyword: TRYING.

What Did You Recently Finish Reading?

I finished Instructions For A Secondhand Heart which I really enjoyed. More than I thought I would!

Then I finished Between the Blade and the Heart and it had a pretty epic beginning but as it got closer and closer to the ending things started to feel a little rushed and weird and slutty. And not in a good way. Not to mention the ending made me not want to pick up any of the other books in the series.

I really need to post my reviews and video reviews for these… SUN COME OUT SO I CAN FILM ALREADY.

What Do You Think You’ll Read Next?

I’m hoping to start The Cruel Prince soon, I’ve heard about it ALL OVER Instagram and so many people just love this book! I know there are others I need to get to as well, but I really want to start this one (and especially since we got it in out Owlcrate’s last month).

I’ve been wanting to start The Crowns of Croswald as well. I mean, LOOK AT THAT COVER. Is that not the most magical looking cover ever?!

The downside to starting these are they’re the beginning of a series and I’m feeling a little guilty about not finishing the series I’ve already started and need to finish. I have a habit of starting a series and just reading the first book. It makes me feel a little incomplete sometimes — does that make sense?!

What’s next on your TBR? If you do this weekly I’d love to see a link to your post as well!