Welcome to readarella!

My name’s Hazel and I have an insane love for books and taking photos. Though my bookstagram game isn’t all that great since I’m just starting out. I’ve been reading my entire life and I’ve always loved getting lost in stories and creating my own stories as well. Twilight sucked me into Young Adult but after finishing that series I didn’t pick up another YA book until late 2009 and the book that got me into it all was Sweep. Since then I’ve picked up other titles on and off through the years.

I use to book blog in 2009 but then I got hired at Disney World in 2011 and working at Disney doesn’t give you much time to read, let alone sleep so that took the back seat until 2012 until I went back to my job at Disney in 2013. From 2013 up until now my life has been a whirlwind of unfortunate events and as I struggle with anxiety my emotions tend to control me (which I hate). But I’m trying my best to get back into reading now that I feel like I’m in a place where I can again!

I have a domain for this blog here that I haven’t touched in a few years as I got tired of the blogspot interface. I use to be known as Marie Loves Books. Life got in the way and I stopped blogging there as well.

So now here I am, starting completely over and it’s scary and very different from what it use to be in 2009! That’s for sure!

What you can expect from this blog —

  • Reviews
  • Hauls
  • Challenges
  • Bookish talk

I typically read Young Adult, Middle Grade, New Adult, Chick-Lit and some Fiction. I’m a big fan of Paranormal and Fantasy. I’m not a fan of Horror or anything having to do with Zombies.

You can find me here;

Twitter // www.twitter.com/readarella
Instagram // www.instagram.com/readarella
YouTube // Hazel @ Readarella
Goodreads // https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/6871943-hazel
Email // readarellablog AT gmail DOT com