March 2018 Goals


I normally make a goals list for my lifestyle blog and for Bubba and I’s blog. And even though I usually don’t cross everything off these lists, I still like making lists lmao. So I figure why not add on more things to my plate and make a bookish monthly goals list too (since I clearly hate myself lmao)!

Feb was a pretty short month and I know that’s not like… a real excuse to why my reading progress sucked but let’s just… roll with it yeah? When it comes to ‘reading’ and ‘bookish’ goals I don’t have that many so let’s hope in March I can cross more of these things off!

⇢ Fix blog template — ‘officially move in’ if you will
⇢ Read 4 books
⇢ Write 1 type of discussion or ‘other’ post a week
⇢ Get a new bookshelf
⇢ Reorganize bookshelf
⇢ Be more active on Twitter (@readarella if you wanna keep me company)
⇢ Be more active on IG (@readarella the pressures of being a ‘bookstagrammer’ ahhh)

Oh! That list didn’t end up being too long! Whew.

I’m mostly aiming for the bookshelf replacement. Currently I have an IKEA bookshelf that if I push too hard on it’ll literally fall backwards so I can’t put too much on my shelves plus it doesn’t have a backing so yeah, whomp! I want a much more sturdy bookshelf so I can also put some related Funko, Vinylmation and candles on there with its related shelf. Plus I want more than just 4 short shelves, I already have no more room for my books on my Wizard of Oz shelf and there’s barely anything on there!

What’s something you’re aiming to get done in March?

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