Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

I left an INSANE long comment on Nada’s blog on her list so I was like fuck it, I might as well do my own list! So here I am. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a weekly feature!

Top Ten Tuesday which The Broke and the Bookish started in 2010 (I remember blogging with them back in my super book blogging days) and has been passed down to That Artsy Reader Girl (who I also remember, I think she took over for the Debut Author Challenge when The Story Siren quit)!

So this week’s theme is;
Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

Now let’s see if I can be honest with myself in this list! Every time I mark a book as DNF I always tell myself maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood for it and that I’ll go back to it later — most of the time I don’t. Sometimes I do. But mostly I don’t. Unless I really disliked the book then I definitely don’t.

A lot of these books are mostly from my 2008-2013 TBR that I’ve been holding on to but just haven’t gotten to… in the last ten years…

Ah, the series that got me into reading YA and helped me fall in love with paranormal and all things faerie related.

really hate to say it, especially because I think I quit this series too soon. I loved Ash and Seth so much (even though Seth was being an idiot) that I cringed a quarter of the way through Fragile Eternity just waiting for something awful to happen (come on, it’s Melissa Marr we’re talking about lmao)! I *MIGHT* go back and finish this series but then I’ve been saying that for 10 years, so.

Also, I met Melissa Marr and I think I might had stopped breathing. She was my favorite author at the time!



I loved The Iron Fey series when it came out. I loved it took place in Silicon Valley (where I was born!) and I thought the idea of “Iron Fey” was interesting because well, they’re Fey! And I remember borderline harassing Julie on Twitter back in those days as well lol!

Here’s the thing about me and series’, if there’s more than 3 I find I tend to lose interest. Like unless I’m OBSESSED, 3 is usually my limit. This is the last book in this series and I remember starting it and just quitting. For really no particular reason.

Do you ever just fall in love with a cover and you’re like yasssss!

Yeah that was me and Glimmerglass back in 2010. The cover is SO pretty. But I never got around to reading it. I feel like I’m possibly missing out on something epic here but like I highly doubt I’ll get around to this one… even if it is another Faerie story (do you see a trend here? I’m absolutely ashamed of myself right now).

I think this was an impulse buy… I use to do that a lot. And back then there weren’t many book bloggers so there were many books that WEREN’T being talked about. Plus come on, you can’t say gold on black isn’t sexy. Ironically the publisher sent me the second book randomly and I thought that would had convinced me to start the series, but it didn’t. Sad sad.

I read The Hunger Games before the movie came out. Before there was this huge hyped up fandom about it and I LOVED IT, you should see my copy of the book. There’s bookmarks EVERYWHERE. I even met Suzanne Collins in 2010!

She liked my shirt. I don’t remember what it said but I did get all 3 of my books signed… unfortunately The Hunger Games was the only one that wasn’t hardcover. Why didn’t I just buy another one? Drat. Also, I think the others are still back home at my parents house in Cali. But she did read some of Mockingjay at the signing so… spoilers.

I’m gonna be SO real right now, I’m most likely never going to read The Maze Runner. I’ve seen bits of the first movie and like… I don’t know, just doesn’t seem like something I’d enjoy. I mean I thought that about The Hunger Games too but like, this I’m PRETTY SURE I won’t enjoy.

Totally remember when this came out. I had wanted to read it cause — hype. But like, the thickness of the book rubbed me off + I was working at Disney at the time so like, I didn’t even have time to sleep (literally) so there was no way in hell I was going to find time to read a book (and I didn’t, Marie Loves Books suffered greatly)! Now years have passed and I just don’t have an interest in picking it up.

This was another cover love and it confused me!

I started reading the first book when it came out but it was so hard to follow for some reason… I don’t know, maybe it was just me? I want to think I’ll some day give it a shot but ehhh, who knows.


This is still one of my favorite book shots I took from back then. I don’t even know why I’d take these as soon as I started reading a new book but I’m glad I did! And I miss those sheets so much! A nail polish had accidentally broken on them when I was packing for my move to Florida the first time and I guess I could had just left it but I would had been gone for 8 months and this was literally the night before I had to leave. I was SO sad I ruined my favorite sheets. Target never carried them again. Sigh.


I tried reading this one awhile back as well and it was just… strange. I’ve heard so many good things about Holly Black’s writing so I was super excited to read this but it just wasn’t doing it for me. I can’t exactly remember why but it just wasn’t.

Honorable Mention;
The Harry Potter Series

I’ve tried to read this series every October for my October Reading Challenge for like, 4 years and I just COULD NOT no matter HOW HARD I TRIED get into the books! My boyfriend eventually had me binge watch the movies last Fall and they were definitely interesting! HEDWIG FOREVER. And the books have all the elements I love, I just can’t get into the books!

I’m curious to know are any of these on your list as well? And if not, what IS on your list?

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

    • I’m looking for more lists to make, lists and surveys have always been so fun to me! I use to do a bunch of these on my old book blog, I might bring those back!

      Yeah the bits of The Maze Runner movie I saw wasn’t interesting enough to KEEP me watching. Then again dystopia is such a hit or miss for me in general!

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  1. I lovveeed your long Comment hahahaha it made my day, even though i couldn’t reply right away, i looovvveeed it! 😍😍
    I totally agree with you with the maze runner series, the cover aren’t that pretty anyways .
    I.honestly don’t know a lot of the books you mentioned but the covers are catchy!

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