Kindle Unlimited; Summer 2018 TBR

I love and hate when I see a really attractive book cover while scrolling through Amazon only to find it’s self published and part of Kindle Unlimited and I’ll tell you why;

Kindle Unlimited is a really cool feature that Amazon has where you can “borrow” their titles. They’ve recently added a few well known titles like the Harry Potter series, I think Percy Jackson is on there now and a few others but they also have a lot of indie titles which is also pretty great. I’ve come across some really awesome indie authors over the years thanks to Kindle Unlimited and was able to devour all of the books they offered on Kindle. But I’ve also come across some really bad ones. I suppose this could also apply to traditionally published authors as well. There is a borrow limit to how many you can grab from Kindle Unlimited at a time which makes sense. But if you’re a title/book hoarder like me, this could become a bit problematic lol!

With that said I decided to make a seasonal TBR to help me find seasonal appropriate titles (since I love doing things seasonally) annnnd to help me get some of these titles off my borrowed queue lol!

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My Spring 2018 Hulu Queue

I have a slight thing against watching movies or really really long tv shows, I’m definitely not the type to binge watch anything unless it’s on a tablet next to my laptop or if I’m REALLY sick to the point where I literally CAN’T get up. I try to be better at watching things but it’s definitely hard for me to. I always feel like there’s something else, something more productive I could be doing. I have a hard time with giving myself downtime and just relaxing.

I recently browsed through Hulu and saw so many throwback and so many interesting things I’d like to give a go! I might end up breaking this up into different sections but for now here’s my general Spring Hulu Queue list!

Sophie La Girafe38289

I spotted Sophie at Target last fall when I was pregnant and I remember wanting to get some of her stuff for A, my cat’s name is Sophie so I thought it would be a cute little thing. Even though we lost A, I still want to go back and pick up some Sophie stuff at some point for whenever I get pregnant again. It’s just one of those weird life things.

I saw she had a TV show, it only has one episode so far but I’m curious to see what it’s about!

Tiny Toon Adventures36052


I loved this show as a kid and I was so excited to see it up on Hulu! I’ve went back and watched old childhood favs before only to realize they weren’t as funny/what I remembered them to be but it’s still nice to be able to look back at what little Hazel thought was snarky or funny or entertaining!

Over The Garden Wall22931

I use to collect these comics, like 2-3 years ago! I didn’t know what it was and I haven’t even read those yet but I’ve been seeing a bit of Over The Garden Wall stuff popping up at places like Hot Topic and now I see they have a show?! I’m super curious to see what this is about!

This Is Us

I admit, I don’t really know exactly what this is about except it was filed under hopeless romantic. I’m hoping I don’t regret putting this on my queue! I’ve heard a few things about this awhile back, but I barely remember what anyone has said. Eep.

Dawson’s Creek

Oh my early high school days!

This show (along with One Tree Hill) had inspired SO MANY emotional blog posts when I was in high school — back when I use to talk about my feelings on a pretty daily basis and when I use to reflect like I was a damn mirror.

I had an ex at the time who didn’t like the show and never wanted me to talk about it — he was convinced the show was influencing me to be mean to him and to break up with him. He was literally psycho. And looking back on it now, it’s crazy to think someone would actually THINK that.

I loved this show so much! I literally can’t wait to rewatch it all ♥.


Awkward was my guilty pleasure show (along with Keeping Up With The Kardashians) during my separation/divorce. I don’t remember where I left off at… and I don’t remember WHY but I absolutely ADORED this show. Jenna’s BFF Tamara was my favorite character. Along with Jake. #TeamJake! Oh and #TeamCollin. #BEGONEMATTY.


I know I said I’d get back into The Mortal Instruments series after I “took a break” 4 years ago because dammit Valentine and Sebastian were too intense for me. But I follow them on Twitter and seeing sneak peeks for upcoming episodes has me SUPER curious about where this show is going and what’s happening. I’m afraid of bookish spoilers but I’ll live lol!

Fresh Off The Boatfotb-700x400

I was watching this for awhile, when it first aired. I don’t know why I stopped but I remember it was funny af. The little boy needs his ass whooped lmao! With talk of Crazy Rich Asians it brought my attention back to this and how I need to start catching up on my American Asian shows (we don’t have very many)!


I don’t think I’ve heard ANYTHING about this one. But I mean that series photo and the fact it’s on FreeForm makes me think it’s some sort of young adult series that’s meant to be relatable. So, why not?

Grey’s Anatomy2252

I know, I know. This show has been around FOREVER.


I’ve never seen not one episode. I’ve seen memes, but not any of the episodes. This also applies to How I Met Your Mother. I don’t know why! They just were shows I guess I wasn’t interested in back when they were “the thing” everyone was watching!

And now, years later, I’m curious to know what the hype about this one is!

Tasting Our Roots39376

I’m a sucker for food shows.

And while this one isn’t something exciting like Iron Chef and not exactly a food documentary, it still sounds really interesting. As someone who was previously a culinary major and misses that life so so much, I’m super interested to see where this show goes!

Good Eats1272

I’ve always been a sucker for The Food Network and Good Eats has always been one of my favorite shows ever since my family decided to get cable and bless me with The Food Network. The science behind food is always so interesting to me! So I totally sit there glued to the screen when it comes to this show just soaking up all that information!

Are there any shows you would like to suggest me to check out on Hulu this season?

Review; The Ugly Dumpling by Stephanie Campisi

30907963The Ugly Dumpling by Stephanie Campisi & Shahar Kober
Release Date: April 7th, 2016 from Mighty Media Kids
Genre: Children’s > Picture Book > Retelling
Source: ELibrary
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It’s not easy being the ugliest dumpling in a dim sum restaurant. Uneaten and ignored, the ugly dumpling is down in the dumps. But when an encouraging cockroach sees the dumpling’s inner beauty, this unlikely duo embarks on an eye-opening adventure, leading the ugly dumpling to discover its true identity and realize that being different is beautiful after all.

A modern fairytale retelling with a timeless moral: There’s a little ugly dumpling in all of us.

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Review; The Young Queens by Kendare Blake

35154033The Young Queens by Kendare Blake
Three Dark Crowns 0.2
Release Date: December 26th, 2017 from HarperTeen
Genre: Young Adult > Fantasy > Royalty
Source: Bought
Find ItAmazon | GoodReads | B&N

Mirabella, Arsinoe, and Katharine weren’t always scheming to murder each other. They weren’t always surrounded by rival foster families, each swearing to have their best interests at heart. And they weren’t always afraid of being unexpectedly attacked—by one of their own sisters, no less—in a way that could cost them their last breath.

They used to be together. Just three sisters. Alone in a glen.

This is the story of the three queens—after they were born, before they were separated, during the time when they all lived together, loved each other, and protected each other. It’s also the story of the day they were torn apart, and the several years that follow.

From birth to eleven years old, this is a rare glimpse of the queens’ lives…before they were at stake.

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Hello Spring \o/


I kinda disappeared, didn’t I?


I haven’t read much of anything in March; I’m reading the 3rd book in the ACOTAR series (of course), Three Young Queens (and not sure how I’m liking it tbh) and I just got my elibrary book of Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella.

I’ve also been rearranging my room as well as redoing my bookshelves that my boyfriend gifted me! Right now I’m struggling with what to do/should I move my Fairytale Retelling’s shelf and where to put my Disney shelf. Should I make the shorter bookshelf all Fairytales or the longer one? Ugh. Why is this so hard!


Also the boyfriend and I have been Pop hunting the last few weeks, here are some really great finds we found the other day at Movie Trading Company and we found Hades and Diamond Maleficent at Hot Topic! I’m trying to get into the habit of talking more about our adventures with Pop hunting and trying new places around our area on our blog PXAHXJ.

I also made a new blog to talk about gaming and traveling and food and nerdy stuff over at PLACESANDPEONIES.

Besides that and adventuring and getting ready for Easter (my birthday follows close after… eeep!) I’ve been a bit busy to read. Though I know you make time to read. I’m not going to be mad at myself for falling short on my reading challenge this month, I’ll try to make up for it next month. In May I need to start apartment hunting and getting ready to move so finding time to do things from May to July will be a bit of a gamble.

I hate disappearing for long periods of time! I’ll try and be around a bit more. Especially once I finish these damn shelves haha!

How are you? What are you reading right now?

Top Ten Tuesday; Books That Surprised Me


Top Ten Tuesday which The Broke and the Bookish started in 2010 (I remember blogging with them back in my super book blogging days) and has been passed down to That Artsy Reader Girl.

This weeks topic is;

Books That Surprised Me


There’s one thing I love the most about reading; it’s when you completely and utterly fall in fuckin love with a book. Everything about it! It wraps your mind and soul in this cocoon of feelings.

Then again I’m the kind of person who just loves falling in love with almost anything — a book, a song, a tv show (I’m too impatient usually to sit through a whole movie but those too when I do sit through one), a moment, a place, a memory, a type of food, a product, a routine. Yeah, I’m one of those people.


I’m going to start with the most recent first (damn now I’m thinking of all the places and moments I love, maybe I’ll write a blog post about that some day… either here or on me and Bubba’s adventure blog HERE).


A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

I ended up picking up A Court of Thorn and Roses because a bookstagrammer had this beautiful Night Court candle from A Court of Candles and I wanted to know the significance so I picked it up. Of course we don’t hear about Rhysand much or The Night Court in the first book. But I wasn’t really impressed with the first book so I hesitated to pick up the second.

BUT THIS BOOK just pulled the floor from under me! I wasn’t expecting all that world building. I wasn’t expecting to LOVE The Night Court as much as I did. I didn’t expect to experience those Twilight intense love feelings again the way I did with this book. I loved EVERYTHING about this book. And it’s been SUCH a long time since that’s ever happened!



Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Wicked Lovely was the book that really got me into YA and into paranormal. I fell in love with faeries and with the different courts ten years ago because of this book! And it’s so crazy to see how this all started.

I wish I could remember why I even picked up this book but it’s been so long now that I don’t remember. It might had been something as simple as it had “Wicked” in the title. But I wasn’t expecting that turn of events from picking up this one book.



Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Like a lot of other people Twilight holds a special place in their heart. I was always a book worm growing up and I’ve always stuck to contemporary reads. I don’t know why I was never interested in anything other than contemporary. But I remember seeing this book every single time I was at Target and if you see something enough you’re gonna be compelled to pick it up, so I did. I didn’t understand the blurb since the back of the book didn’t tell you much (this was before I realized that sometimes the actual blurb is on the inside flap of the cover jacket).

I can’t even explain the obsession and the way I felt while being sucked into this world. It inspired so many blog posts, so many web page layouts, so many graphics I had made. It pulled the artist in me I thought died in a long time ago. I absolutely loved this period of time when I was obsessed with Twilight.

I was DEFINITELY not expecting to like it as much as I did.



Some Quiet Place by Kelsey Sutton

I got this for review years ago and I added it to my October Challenge not really knowing much about it except it had a creepy cover.

I’ve always been drawn to darker themes. It makes my damaged soul and awful childhood feel more understandable? I don’t know how to explain it. Makes me feel less alone I guess.

What surprised me the most was how the author personified every emotion. Like they had their own personality. And I thought that was really unique. I love that we spent so much time with Fear. An emotion that obviously doesn’t get a very warm welcome when it comes around.

This book made me think of my own emotions, the ones that stick around and the ones that linger. And what would they look like? What would they say if they could talk? What could trigger them?



Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

I bounce between loving and fearing themes of graves and anything gothic related. I’m a wuss, what can I say?

But Unspoken with its snarky and sarcastic characters. With Kami who speaks her mind word for word and is unapologetic herself. Ash who just… rolls with things. With Jared who knows everyone thinks he’s an asshole so he plays the part of an asshole. The outline of darkness in this book wasn’t as bad or as scary because of the sarcasm. Though nothing could had prepared me for the heartbreak of the ending of this one.

Sometimes I feel like I’m still recovering even though I read this back in 2012.



Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

I remember when this book came ouuuuuuuuuuuuut.

There was a crap ton of controversy about it and I mean, for good reason. I wasn’t expecting to like the characters as much as I did and I wasn’t expecting to feel really sad for how everything had happened. I don’t remember the details of how I felt or much about this book besides the middle and ending, mostly the ending. But I know that when I finished it I felt really heavy and really sad.

It’s so strange when a book just jabs you in the feels when you’re not even expecting it or you don’t think that it would for a particular theme.




Eve by Anna Carey

I literally didn’t even finish this book. It got TOO IRRITATING. I just couldn’t do it. I thought the “truth” of what happens after graduation was just too horrible and I couldn’t understand how people could be kept in the dark about it for so long.

Yet the main character was able to just escape?! I don’t know, something about the whole thing just seemed… weird. And a little bit unrealistic. I remember being so frustrated with the whole concept that I just wanted to throw the book out the window lol!



Secret Ties by Opal Carew

I remember this being the first book I really really did not like. Like the first book that made me feel like I had just wasted my time. It was awful. Here’s my old review about it.

Summer owns her own chocolate shop and makes chocolates in a small town. She’s a bit insecure and she’s really shy. She has two best guy friends (who are also best friends with each other) that she has massive crushes on but is too shy to make the first move.
She ends up going with her friend to a sex convention where her friend is selling and signing her new released erotica novel and suggested that Summer make some chocolates that would match the theme of the convention. There she meets Max. And that’s when her life changes. Max introduces her to the world of BDSM and how to open herself up more (literally and figuratively) and go after what she wants.

I don’t remember too much about this book now since that review was posted in 2010 but I remember Summer made like chocolate penis pops or some shit and for someone who was shy I thought that was a bit unrealistic. Not to mention okay, you’re pinning for your TWO BEST GUY FRIENDS yet you meet this TOTALLY RANDOM GUY at this convention and suddenly you’re doing BDSM with him? Like uh… that stuff takes TIME and TRUST. Like, what?



50 Shades of Grey by EL James

I’ve always been a fan of erotica. As a kid I use to write erotica (this was before when we had 56k and porn wasn’t easy to access, hey I’m just being honest). But this. Was. Weird. Like I heard it was based off of a Twilight Fanfic and it reads like one, just with like, adults.

There are so many things wrong with this book; starting with Grey and things just didn’t add up/make sense. And Ana was just dense.

Not to mention A WHOLE CHAPTER WAS DEDICATED TO THEIR AGREEMENT LETTER. Like, was it REALLY necessary to spend a WHOLE chapter with the word for word agreement?

The second book was even worse. Seriously. Who plans to fault someone’s fiance’s plane?!? LIKE YOU WANT SOMEONE THAT BAD WHO CLEARLY DOESNT WANT YOU THAT YOU TRY TO KILL THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER?!!!

It was just freakin weird.


I feel like I’m missing a few titles but these are the ones I remember the most over the years!

What are some titles that surprised you both in good and/or bad ways? Or ones you just can’t seem to forget about?